Loving the people of the Rio Grande neighborhood in the name of Jesus Christ through the transforming power of the gospel, friendship, and good food.

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What Superpower Do You Want to Have?

What Superpower Do You Want to Have?

Recently I tried to make a payment online. Of course, I remembered the User ID but could not, for the life of me, remember the Password. When I tried to reset the Password, the Security Question asked – What superpower do I want? How in the world would I have answered that question a year ago when I set this password?

Hmmm…I don’t want laser beam eyes or the ability to scale tall buildings in a single bound. If I could have any superpower I wanted, for real, I would want to love like God does. So I typed that into the window. Nope. It didn’t work.

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Slowing Down

Slowing Down

My drive to the cafe this morning from the west side was slow as it often is these days. The traffic is “horrendous” and a great inconvenience. Before the days of these massive road projects, I would enter the freeway and speed towards downtown focused only on myself and what waited for me at work. But something interesting happened today as I inched along. I chose the inside lane for my torturous, start-and-stop journey. And I noticed something that I’d never noticed before.

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Eat More Green in 2017!

Eat More Green in 2017!

Start the new year off right with a delicious salad that includes greens from our garden. Bring your friends and co-workers. We’re growing bok choy, swiss chard, broccoli and several different types of lettuce and spinach.

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Human Trafficking Monologues

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 / 12:45 - 1:30

Human Trafficking Monologues

“The Human Trafficking Monologues” Observe. Listen. Learn.
January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month!

Join us Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at the Mustard Seed Cafe. DHS, ICE, and Homeland Security Investigations in collaboration with other agencies are hosting “The Human Trafficking Monologues.” Come early for lunch at the cafe – pay what you can or pay it forward – then stay for the performance from 12:45 – 1:30. Q and A afterwards.

Register on Eventbrite.com. And wear blue. January 11 is the Blue Campaign’s “Wear Blue Day”. Help us bring trafficking out of the shadows and into plain sight.

Thank You El Paso!

December 27, 2016

Thank You El Paso!

Thank you El Paso for your support
of our gospel ministry.
Lives are being changed!
This year we served 6,164 guests
through our three-day-a-week lunch service.
1,529 additional guests
volunteered in exchange for a meal.
We served an additional 600 guests
through community meals and special events.

Volunteers spent over 8,584 hours

loving our neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ!



The Mustard Seed Cafe Needs Your Help This Christmas

December 5, 2016

The Mustard Seed Cafe Needs Your Help This Christmas

The Mustard Seed Café is not a restaurant…wait, what?
Not a restaurant? It looks like a restaurant; it smells like a restaurant. Hmmm…

The Mustard Seed Café is actually a Christ-centered ministry that just happens to serve and sell food. We do lots of other things and those things are more important than the food itself. Take for example what happened a few weeks ago. It was a quiet day and our volunteers had time to sit and visit. Suddenly, we received a phone call from a former volunteer whose family is in crisis. A broken-hearted mother asked us to pray for her daughter. All of us – staff, volunteers and a friend that God brought through the door – dropped to our knees and prayed. We cried out to God for that young woman and for her family. We pray for them still.

When we were done, everyone set about closing up the café for the afternoon. That’s what we do. The menu at the Mustard Seed Café changes weekly, but we serve the love of Christ and His compassion every single day.

As the Christmas seasons begins, we ask that you consider supporting our gospel ministry. We need people to come alongside of us as financial ministry partners. Would you please join us? Visit our website DONATIONS page.

Thanks for visiting!

Please visit our donations page to make a donation. Anything helps!

For more information about volunteering with us, visit our volunteer page.

We hope to see you soon at our cafe!

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