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Gardening Classes Schedule

February 25, 2014

Gardening Classes Schedule

Here’s the schedule. It includes both classroom and hands-on days and weekdays and Saturdays, so hopefully, everyone who wants to join us can come one or the other days.

The Mustard Seed Cafe & First Christian Church Community Gardeners 
901 Arizona Avenue

Education Classes held Every Other Tuesday Inside Mustard Seed Cafe – 11:00 AM:

February 25th          Soil Preparation and Composting                Bill Hodge
March 11th                Tomatoes in El Paso                                   Dave Turner
March 25th                Herbs for El Paso                                        Penny Leslie
April 8th                    Warm and Cool Season Veggies               Dave/Bill

Hands on Gardening days the following Saturday in the Garden – 10:00 AM:

March  8th
March  15th
March  29th Class at Ascarate Park, those who can’t make it can come out and work at mustard seed for the day.
April    12th
*Parking on Nevada St. behind the church.
*All Lectures and Hands On sessions should last between an hour to an hour and half.

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