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8 New Garden Beds!

March 25, 2014

8 New Garden Beds!

One Eagle Scout candidate and 34 eager volunteers started the day ready and willing to expand the garden. First, there was the trenching on Friday to lay the irrigation pipes. Then on Saturday, some of us power sawed redwood planks, while others fastened them together with electric drills and screws. Other hardy souls shoveled soil and compost to make a mix to spread in the new beds. Energetic teens prepared the ground for planting by shoveling out the old soil to make room for amended soil and a family and a couple of more volunteers built an awesome compost bin complete with hay bale border! Our master gardeners supervised the rest as they planted herbs in the brick beds by the garden entry doors. It was really hard work, but oh so satisfying to see the results. See our photos in the Gallery!

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