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Café Walls Now A-peel-ing

October 2, 2013

Café Walls Now A-peel-ing

When you wander into the Mustard Seed Café, you may find a blue banana, a glittery strawberry, and a pineapple with a face. That is because the color and life added to the café in the paintings hung around the room are due to the creativity of the elementary and middle school students of the Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach after-school program. Mustard Seed volunteers, Joanne Levine and Alyssa Brown, partnered with the staff at Ciudad Nueva for an “art done in community” project. We handed bright colors to the kids, who all live in the neighborhood where the café is located, and told them to create a piece of art involving fruits and vegetables. Some canvases are masterpieces of single students, others by pairs of students. Each is unique, and all the artwork is the cream of the crop. The kids were excited to know that their artwork would be displayed as the café opens. In the future, we hope to feature artwork by other groups, exchanging the canvases in the frames every six months or so, in order to showcase artists from all parts of the El Paso community. The paintings by the Ciudad Nueva kids truly brighten up the space and bring a little more home to the café. Stop by the café soon: smile at the sad carrot, and enjoy your meal in the forest of fruit!

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