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Slowing Down

January 19, 2017

Slowing Down

My drive to the cafe this morning from the west side was slow as it often is these days. The traffic is “horrendous” and a great inconvenience. Before the days of these massive road projects, I would enter the freeway and speed towards downtown focused only on myself and what waited for me at work. But something interesting happened today as I inched along. I chose the inside lane for my torturous, start-and-stop journey. And I noticed something that I’d never noticed before.

There are thousands and thousands of broken bits and pieces along the way! There are pieces of glass and steel and plastic and paper. There are holes in the fence and twisted sheets of metal. There are stories there! Today I saw them, and I wondered? How long has each one been there? Where did they come from? And why doesn’t someone pick them up?

It made me realize that my work at the Mustard Seed Cafe has a similar impact on my life. It forces me to slow down and notice. It awakens, even jolts me from my self-centered world and helps me to see brokenness along the way. And it gives me the opportunity to do something about it. On the surface, I don’t have much to offer people. I can give them my own brokenness. I can give them a smile and a hug; I can value who they are and where they came from. I can listen and learn from their experiences and stories. But I can also give them Jesus! And that’s the best part of what I do because He is the One Who Makes All Things New!

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