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  • An Honored Guest

    Every day at the Mustard Seed Cafe, we have the blessing of getting to know our neighbors.


    Our friend Fred and his family have been coming to the cafe for years, and we wanted to share our appreciation for this remarkable member of our community! An El Paso native, he has been delivering newspapers daily for years around the city. His route starts in the evening and takes 4-5 hours through the night – what dedication and hard work!


    Fred shared what he likes about coming to the cafe, “I especially enjoy the soups, the desserts with chocolate, and the tapatias – tostadas smothered with beans, cheese, lettuce, and salsa!”


    Something else to know about Fred: his sister Yvette is a long-time member of the Mustard Seed’s volunteer family!


    Thank you, Fred, for your faithful visits to the cafe. Your gentleness and commitment are making an impact on our city and in the lives of those around you! We are very blessed to serve you.