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  • God With Us

    God has been with us since 2011 when our founders Christy Brown, Patsy Burdick, and Shelley Speicher prayed, planned, and dreamed about a place where everyone eats. He was with us in 2013 when the Mustard Seed Café opened its doors to the Rio Grande neighborhood, where getting to know our community was part of God’s daily lessons.


    In the mountains and the valleys, in our sorrows and our times of joy, in the downtown and in the westside, He has been with us.  In 2018, it was God’s divine design for the “Seed” to have a new home: Westside Community Church. Here in the westside of our great city of El Paso, trusting in his promises and faithfulness are essential parts of our daily lessons.


    We are ending 2021 with more than 40,000 ready to eat meals served to our community, free of charge with no requirement, simply a warm welcome and the gift of a tasty meal, because He has been with us. Our mission to: feed hungry people and care for their hearts, be a genuine expression of the love of God in Jesus Christ, and introduce people to Jesus Christ that they might come to saving faith in Him is our banner that we carry high, because we know that He is with us.


    On behalf of our great volunteers who truly embody servant hearts, our tremendous and committed board of directors, and our dedicated staff, I say thank you to the El Paso community. Thank you for your trust, commitment, and support, always and during this global pandemic.


    I’m very grateful to the Lord that you are part of the Mustard Seed family. My prayer is that you have a blessed 2022, and together, we will continue to care for and serve our beautiful and unique community. I invite you to come and visit The Mustard Seed Café and the Amigos Garden, to see and taste what God is doing through us.


    Feliz año nuevo!

    Carmen Estrada

    Executive Director