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  • Honeybee Update

    Statistically, 3/4 of our commercial crops in the United States depend on pollinators such as bees – so they are very important to our region and nationally! Not to mention, they are fascinating creatures. Did you know a bee can have many different jobs throughout its life? From pollination to storage, nursing to protecting the hive, and of course, the long process of making honey – it makes sense that we use the phrase β€œbusy as a bee!” They are far more complex creatures than many people imagine, and we love sharing about them at the Amigos Garden!


    Recently, Amigos Garden manager Bill opened up one of our beehives to check on it after the winter. Sadly, the bees did not survive the cold weather this year, but the honeycomb left in the hive is providing essential nourishment to local bees as they wait for early spring flowers such as dandelions to arrive. Visit our social media for a video!


    Thankfully, remaining funding from a grant we received last year from the Whole Kids Foundation and The Bee Cause will allow us to replenish the hive so we can support and share these beautiful pollinators with our community for another season! πŸ’›πŸŒΈπŸ