• Know of someone in need of a warm meal? How To Help!

  • Bring in someone in need

    Bring your neighbor, your child’s teacher, and the elderly couple you meet in the grocery store. Invite the college student who recently arrived in the United States. Bring the friend who just lost her job. Bring the single mom and her three children who live down the street or the family that moved into the apartment next door. Invite the teenager who keeps asking questions about Christianity or your son’s soccer coach who's lonely. Bring the young man who sits alone at church, the woman recently widowed or the coworker who struggles with depression. Invite the man who fixes your car or repairs your hot water heater, and the woman driving the delivery truck. Bring the friend who’s wrestling with life’s hard questions and the guy who just needs someone to listen. Invite the young couple on the street corner asking for money. We serve so much more than food...

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    We welcome volunteers from every part of the community. They walk in, roll up their sleeves and pour themselves out and into the lives of other people.

    Volunteers help in a variety of ways in both the café and garden.

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    Come Eat With Us!

    We have saved a seat just for you and every detail is being organized so you feel right at home. We want to meet you and meet your needs in a personal and meaningful way. Whether that is a meal or a friendly face, we hope to see you soon.

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    Mustard Seed Cafe and Amigos Garden is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit donation-based cafe and garden that relies heavily on the community’s support and involvement. With your help, the Mustard Seed can help meet dietary, emotional and spiritual needs of hundreds of vulnerable adults and children in the El Paso area.

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