• Know of someone in need of a warm meal? How To Help!

  • Smells Good!

    “Smells good!” That’s Enrique’s special way of telling everyone at the Seed “good morning.” We respond, “Good morning, Enrique, we are glad you are here!” He knows exactly what to do. He grabs a tray with silverware, goes to the serving station, and is ready to be served and enjoy his lunch and fellowship time with his good friend who’s also named Enrique. We call them “The Enriquez.” They met here at the café while they were both waiting for the Meals to Go during the pandemic. This is just one example of the friendship and community we see and experience here at the Seed every day that we are open.


    On Wednesday, April 13th, we reopened our dining area after 25 months of being closed due to the global pandemic. During the pandemic, our kitchen and garden both never closed. and with the help of our resilient team of volunteers, we were able to meet the needs of our community by serving over 65,000 fresh, healthy meals. In addition to the kitchen, the Amigos Garden continued to grow seasonal vegetables and herbs, hold our Saturday Open House events, installed a beehive, and shared surplus from the garden with local shelters.


    With the reopening of our dining room from 11am to 2pm Wednesday through Friday, the Seed again offers a place where anyone who walks through our doors is welcome with hospitality and fellowship. This is who we are at the Seed: a place of community, care, and service where everyone can eat a hot, fresh meal. We welcome friends like “Maria” who comes to the café with two backpacks which she calls her “mobile home.” We welcome “David” who was just diagnosed with kidney failure and is in need of hope and comfort. We also welcome friends like “Dan,” a single young businessman who is seeking a place where he can find healthy tacos while learning more about how he can serve our community.


    As we look forward, the Mustard Seed is excited to continue our Community Meals on the last Wednesday of every month, where we serve our neighbors a healthy meal and share with them our love and respect.


    We are so grateful that you are a part of the Seed, and your support is vital to the amazing work we are doing together for God’s glory. Big abrazos and muschisimas gracias.


    Carmen Estrada, Executive Director