• Know of someone in need of a warm meal? How To Help!

  • Debbie


    Debbie has been volunteering for about two years.

    “I was looking around for a volunteer opportunity. One day I was walking around my neighborhood, and ran into Christi Brown. We started talking, and she told me about the Mustard Seed. I thought it sounded like a great opportunity.

    I started with greeting at the front, and then when a cashier left I began working the cashier position. I love it because I used to be an accountant. So it’s a perfect fit, since I love the work and getting to use my skills in balancing, but I also love getting to see people getting fed and cared for.

    When I started on the first day, it was very unique because it’s not just the food, but the entire atmosphere, wanting to help people and pray for them. I get to sit here and watch things happening, and it’s very special. It keeps me coming back.”

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