• Know of someone in need of a warm meal? How To Help!

  • Kathleen


    “I first came when a friend of mine brought me to the cafe for lunch. Prior to that, I knew about the Mustard Seed because Christi Brown goes to my church, but I thought it was a soup kitchen, and expected it to be dark and dreary, sterile, (maybe smelly). I was hesitant to visit; but I walked in and saw all the colors and happy faces and was met with hugs and smiles, and just the entire atmosphere made me smile.


    Later, Christi and I both had tables during a missions weekend at our church, and during a lull I went to her table and asked, “So do you happen to need volunteers?” “Yes!!” I went down and filled out the paperwork and began volunteering. When I started, I looked at it more like a job; I stayed very task-oriented and busy, wanting to prove that I was here in earnest. I remember one day Carmen said, “There’s a lady over there, why don’t you go over and talk to them? Just sit down and talk to them, find out about them, listen, see what they’re all about.” That was so strange and foreign to me! I constantly tried to stay busy and show that I was a good volunteer. Carmen helped to show me that the Mustard Seed is not about the work but about the people. It’s the people who come in, and what their needs are – physical, spiritual, emotional – they are more important than any task.


    I call this my happy place – that really describes how I feel about the Mustard Seed. Lots of wonderful things happen here that I get to be a part of. And it’s interesting, because sometimes the Mustard Seed needs me… but quite often, I need the Mustard Seed.”

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