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  • Winter Update from the Amigos Garden

    Every winter season, the Amigos Garden slows down, but our production does not stop. We are lucky in El Paso (Zone 8) that our winters are mild, allowing us to grow year-round. We are currently growing a variety of hardy winter vegetables: sorrel, beets, bok choi, peas, onions, spinach, lettuce, kale, carrots, chard, turnips, and broccoli rapini.

    Did you know? Spinach and kale plants can withstand temperatures through the low 20s and upper 10s!

    On cold days in the garden, you will find the gardeners inside the High Tunnel, where it is warm, experimenting with micro greens, propagation, and starting seeds. All of our containers are currently in the High Tunnel in an attempt to overwinter some of our herbs, flowers, and succulents. Our fruit trees are currently dormant, getting ready for the new growing season when they will blossom. The compost piles are working their magic and doing well, and will be ready in early summer to incorporate back into our soil to enrich our produce with amazing nutrients!